Remote control Coolpix with a palm !


!!! News !!! I just received my coolpix back from Nikon, they tuned the CCD to remove stuck and hot pixels, I could work again on CoolCom.

Here are some coolpix remote applications for PalmOS, you may try them if you have :

Plug the null modem cable to the palm and the SC-EW3 to the Coolpix, then connect the two cable to each other by serial connectors. Launch CoolRemote, switch the coolpix ON in A-Rec or M-Rec mode, wait 5-10s and clic connect. If you see "can't connect" try to clic connect one more time.

  • Download CoolRemote version 0.27
  • New in test version 2 ! Now you can use hard button 1 of the palm to simulate half press on shutter release, hard button 2 to take the shot and page up&down to zoom IN&OUT !
  • New in test version 3 ! Camera model ID (SX581 on the picture) and name are displayed after connection. If name is Unknown send me the model ID and your coolpix name.
  • New in version 0.14 ! Picture left are displayed (updating is buggy). Smaller zoom steps.
  • New in version 0.20 ! Bulb mode. Coolpix power down are caught now and CoolRemote disconnect properly. Shutter press/release is handled properly now... I hope :-)
  • New in version 0.21 ! Bulb mode > 30s. The palm disconnect from Coolpix when leaving coolremote.
  • New in version 0.22 ! First connection after coolpix power up should not timeout anymore (you must leave enought time to the coolpix to initialise before first attempt). Picture count updated when pictures are recorded. Coolpix replay mode (only a new icon is shown now).
  • New in version 0.23 ! Mode (A-Rec, M-Rec, Play) is updated when switch is operated on the Coolpix. In Play mode, right and left arrows lets change current displayed picture. A timer is displayed in bulb mode. Bulb delay is right if focus is locked (press hard button 1 on palm) before taking the shot
  • New in version 0.24 ! Picture left counter can display up to 9999 instead of 99.
  • New in version 0.25 ! CoolRemote should not crash anymore on some PalmVx (but next&previous arrows are scrambled, I'm investigate this...). 4bits & small icon for CoolRemote.
  • New in version 0.26 ! Compatibility with PalmOS 3.3 and up, don't know for palmOS version <3.3. Next & previous picture buttons have been added in play mode, page up & page down hard button do the same in this mode. Zoom in & out buttons in Rec mode.
  • New in version 0.27 ! Preliminary interval shot support (don't handle well short periods), CoolRemote connect automatically and autofocus 5s before each shots.

Beware that it's beta software and may freeze your palm and/or coolpix (but soft reset the palm or pull the battery off the coolpix should restore them to working state without any data loss).

Todo list :

Success report for CoolRemote :

Not working :

Trying CoolRemote on the Palm emulator (POSE) !

A easy way to try CoolRemote is to use the Palm emulator or POSE for Windows (or Mac, Unix,...). You need PalmOS roms, you can dump them from your Palm. You also need the Coolpix serial cable (SC-EW3 for newer Coolpix like 880, 990, 995, 5000, 5700, 4500,...).

Information about MC-EU1 protocol

Here is a link to a document I made about the MC-EU1 protocol, you are welcome to correct mistake and provide more informations to

In fact Coolpix understand two protocols, one is the MC-EU1 remote protocol which work only on Coolpix and CoolRemote use this protocol. The Sierra Imaging protocol, common to many digital camera is the other protocol (CoolCom use this protocol).
These two protocols are intented for different usage :

I want to mix these two protocols in CoolRemote (in fact Sierra protocol is already there, borrowed from CoolCom) but at first I must fully implement and understand MC-EU1 protocol as this is very new and I think I'm the first to publish information about it.

Download CoolCom 0.1beta (Standard protocol) (Discontinnued, no more developpement, use CoolRemote instead)

Links to other informations and softwares :

CamCom software for palm (home site is down ?). Author of CamCom sent me some C source of his program which I've extended to make CoolCom, many thanks to him !

Eugene Crosser site for information about Sierra Imaging protocol and photopc software.

PalmShot software for palm using Sierra protocol.

cPix software for windows and PocketPC.

Snappixx, remote control for Nikon Coolpix cameras for windows and PocketPC.

The Force software for windows.

PhotoPC with USB support for Windows and Unix, many informations there.

Digisnap remote control from Harbortronics

Per Madsens camera control software for windows.

make a dual USB cable

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